With an ever greater choice of product available to the automotive buyer, the ...

2014 Mercedes C63 AMG (USA)

Mercedes / Road Tests


With everyone trying to offer a "premium" product, what do you do if that's what you have already been ...

2014 Mercedes CLS350 CDi Shooting Brake (D)

Mercedes / Road Tests


Those of you who read and follow all my reviews will probably be bemused at the seemingly random collection of ...

2013 Mercedes GL450 with Premium 1 (USA)

Mercedes / Road Tests


There have been convertible versions of Mercedes saloons for almost as long as there have been Mercedes saloons. And ...

2013 Mercedes E350 Convertible with Premium 1 (USA)

Mercedes / Road Tests


Some years ago, one of my friends sold his much loved MGF and went back onto our company car scheme by taking delivery of a ...

2013 Mercedes SLK250 with Premium (USA)

Mercedes / Road Tests


After more than a couple of weeks sampling a vast array of different rental cars - some far more agreeable and ...

2013 Mercedes E350 Luxury with Premium 1 (USA)

Mercedes / Road Tests


  When selecting from the vast array of available rental cars in the US, I usually try to avoid models which ...

2013 Mercedes C250 Sport (USA)

Mercedes / Road Tests


                                                      For many years now, cars have been getting progressively larger, even ...

2011 Mercedes GL450 (USA)

Mercedes / Road Tests


I simply cannot imagine that a booking for a moderately priced rental with Hertz in the UK would ever result in you finding the largest saloon of the fleet in ...

2011 Mercedes S350L (D)

Mercedes / Road Tests


After a concept version of the car did the rounds of the Shows in 2004, the production version of the Mercedes B Class was launched in March 2005. A front wheel ...

2011 Mercedes B180CDi Automatic (IRL)

Mercedes / Road Tests


  Fifteen years ago, one of the perceived downsides of a convertible, at least in the minds of some people, was that it came with a canvas roof, and ...

2010 Mercedes SLK200 Kompressor (E)

Mercedes / Road Tests


With the Jeep taking an early bath, thanks to the warning that it needed an oil change, I was back at Hertz' LAX facility for one last time during this trip. I ...

2010 Mercedes GLK350 4matic (USA)

Mercedes / Road Tests


                                                                              One of the hottest battles in ...

2009 Mercedes C180K Estate Sport (CH)

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2009 Mercedes CLK280 Cabrio Grand Edition (CH) 2009 Mercedes CLK280 Cabrio Grand Edition (CH) The Gods must have been shining on me this weekend. When I ...

2009 Mercedes CLK280 Cabrio Grand Edition (CH)

Mercedes / Road Tests


After receiving a series of somewhat battle-scarred Swiss rental cars, it seemed my luck was in, and my latest test car was to be brand new, with less ...

2007 Mercedes B170 Automatic (CH)

Mercedes / Road Tests