There have been many assessments of the ever burgeoning range of MINI products presented on this site, most of them ...

2012 MINI One 75CV (E)

MINI / Road Tests


Over 2 million "new" MINIs have been sold since the first models appeared in the autumn of 2001. By any standards, that is an impressive tally, and the ...

2011 MINI Cooper Convertible (E)

MINI / Road Tests


Here's a car I was eager to try. Since its launch last year the MINI Countryman has been the subject of mixed reviews from the motoring press and I was keen ...

2011 MINI Countryman 1.6 Cooper D (GB)

MINI / Road Tests


The virtues and vices of the MINI are well documented in this parish but my latest courtesy car boasted a couple of features that make it worthy of ...

2010 MINIMALIST One 1.6 (GB)

MINI / Road Tests


I'll cut to the chase straight away - the MINI Cooper S Clubman is a superb car. That much was never in doubt. Some of the reasons for this conclusion came as a ...

2009 MINI 1.6 Cooper S Clubman (GB)

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