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It used to be easy to categorise cars, and thus to produce a list of rivals. Core of most volume ...

2013 Toyota Venza LE AWD (USA)

Road Tests / Toyota

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After offering the competent but generally unremarkable little Starlet as a competitor in the ...

2014 Toyota Yaris LE 5 door (USA)

Road Tests / Toyota


Does the Toyota Camry need any introduction? Surely not to any American, as ...

2013 Toyota Camry 2.5LE (USA)

Road Tests / Toyota


  After spending a couple of every enjoyable days behind the wheel of a BMW M5, it was ...

2013 Toyota Prius Two (USA)

Road Tests / Toyota


There are so many different models and variants out there that even the full time professionals have trouble ...

2013 Toyota Corolla LE (USA)

Road Tests / Toyota


  Credit must surely go to Renault with their 1996 Scenic for introducing a car which made life that much easier for ...

2013 Toyota Verso 1.8i Luna (CH)

Road Tests / Toyota


                 In Europe, the largest Toyota saloon available these days is the D segment ...

2013 Toyota Avalon XLE (USA)

Road Tests / Toyota


In 1994, when Toyota presented the first RAV4, the automotive landscape looked ...

2011 Toyota RAV4 2.5 AWD (USA)

Road Tests / Toyota


      That America has fallen for the SUV in a Big Way can be in little doubt. There are a vast ...

2013 Toyota Highlander 3.5 V6 AWD (USA)

Road Tests / Toyota


Like many Japanese cars, just because a nameplate is used around the world, it does not necessarily follow that all the cars sold in different markets are ...

2011 Toyota Camry 2.5LE (USA)

Road Tests / Toyota


With the notable exceptions of Ireland, Spain and some of the southern mediterranean countries, there is little demand in Europe for small saloons, so we tend ...

2011 Toyota Yaris Sedan (USA)

Road Tests / Toyota


The last few years have seen research and innovation on an almost unprecedented scale, as the world's car manufacturers struggle to find alternatives to the ...

2011 Toyota Auris HSD T4 (GB)

Road Tests / Toyota


The first Toyota Corolla appeared in 1966. Although it might not have been obvious at that time, this was a car ...

2010 Toyota Corolla 1.8 LE (USA)

Road Tests / Toyota


                             With all the furore about Toyota's sticking throttle pedals and the floor mat issue having led to an enormous ...

2010 Toyota Sienna CE (USA)

Road Tests / Toyota


                                    Last year, I concluded my test of what is now the previous generation Avensis, which I sampled in ...

2008 Toyota Avensis 2.0 D4D (HR)

Road Tests / Toyota