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Most of my test cars are rental vehicles, and almost all of them come from Hertz. Long gone are the days when they, ...

2013 Honda Fit 1.5 (USA)

Honda / Road Tests


When a new model is launched, as a direct replacement for an existing car, the expectation is that it is "better". And in almost all cases, it ...

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan (USA)

Honda / Road Tests


Although the 1976 launch of the Accord is widely credited with transforming Honda's reputation, and sales success, and propelling the company ...

2010 Honda Civic LX Sedan (USA)

Honda / Road Tests


The first Honda Odyssey, sold in Europe as well as the USA, was little more than a medium sized estate car with extra seating. The second generation model, no ...

2008 Honda Odyssey LX (USA)

Honda / Road Tests