June, 2011

      The Moving Motor Show at Goodwood is now in its second year. Last year was a great success, so on the back of that ...

Moving Motor Show at Goodwood – June 2011

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Supercar Sunday at Gaydon has now been running for a number of years, and 2011 marked my 5th consecutive attendance at an event where the term "supercar" is ...

Supercar Sunday at Gaydon – June 2011

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When a last minute need, caused by quarter end sales pressures, forced my opponent reluctantly to have to cancel the planned squash game that was going to be my ...

Bristol Cars at Ace Cafe – June 2011

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During the events season, there are numerous events of the type that I just attended, where all is that is needed is a nice spacious venue and a lot of ...

Knebworth “Cars in the Park” – June 2011

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Double Twelve was the name used for a series of tests of driving skill and speed organised by the Junior Car Club in the early 1930s, which took place at the ...

Brooklands Double Twelve – June 2011

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It is customary when writing a review for this site, or indeed in many other places, to preface the main assessment with some introductory and background remarks ...

2011 BMW 318d SE (E)

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Whilst it would appear that Prescott has won a place in the affections of many of TheMotor forummers' hearts, and for good reason, it should not be forgotten ...

Shelsley Walsh – June 2011

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Brooklands may well be the venue with all the historical associations and interest, but of the locations where Auto Italia magazine hold their popular Italian ...

Auto Italia at Stanford Hall – June 2011

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Hard to believe, but another month has gone by, and once again the calendar said that it was the second Thursday, and hence time for Italian Car Night at the Ace ...

Ace Cafe – Italian Night, June 2011

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Now that there is no major UK auto show, it falls to those who want to see a wide range of new cars all in one place to resort to one of the many local events. ...

Canary Wharf Show, June 2011

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Here's a car I was eager to try. Since its launch last year the MINI Countryman has been the subject of mixed reviews from the motoring press and I was keen ...

2011 MINI Countryman 1.6 Cooper D (GB)

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