October, 2011

Until recently, many car showrooms in Europe were little more than enlarged shop style premises in the high streets of cities, towns and villages, and for a ...

Munich: BMW Welt and Mercedes Showrooms

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Much has been written about the transformation achieved by the Korean motor manufacturers, who have gone from producing some distinctly unimpressive cars based ...

2011 Kia Rio 2 1.4i Hatch (GB)

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Over 2 million "new" MINIs have been sold since the first models appeared in the autumn of 2001. By any standards, that is an impressive tally, and the ...

2011 MINI Cooper Convertible (E)

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Brooklands Autumn Motorsport is a new event for 2011. As always with things that are new to the calendar, it is hard to know what to expect, not least because ...

Brooklands Autumn Motorsport Day – Oct 2011

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Like many old towns in Spain, Salamanca comprises narrow streets that were created before the car had been thought of, and although locals do thread their ...

Classic Cars in Spain – 2011

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There has been hill-climbing activity at Prescott, on the north western slopes of the scenic Cotswolds for literally decades, and for most of that time, ...

Prescott – Season Finale, Oct 2011

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