April, 2013

                                       The Bristol Classic Car Show is one of the longest running events of its genre in ...

Bristol Classic Car Show – April 2013

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A quick look at the automotive events schedule in the UK evidences that the car enthusiast really is spoiled for choice. During the main season from April to ...

Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival – April 2013

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Last year I discovered the  "Pride of Longbridge" event, a gathering of cars with a connection - in some cases a little tenuous - to the famous Longbridge ...

Pride of Longbridge – April 2013

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One look at the schedules of car events across the country will quickly tell you that the Breakfast Club meeting, made famous perhaps by the monthly Goodwood ...

Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – April 2013

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The popular theme-d evenings at the iconic Ace Cafe continue right throughout they year, but attendance inevitably tails off somewhat during the winter months, ...

Ace Cafe Italian Night – April 2013

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        Going back a few years - to around 2006/2007 - my favourite rental car from Hertz UK's fleet was the Ford Mondeo in 2.2 TDCi guise. The starting ...

2013 Ford Mondeo 2.0TDCi 140 Zetec Business Edition (GB)

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Although the Auto Show held in January every year in Detroit, the traditional home of the US motor industry, is renowned as the biggest and most important held ...

New York Auto Show – April 2013

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