August, 2013

Although it is the Prescott Hill Climb which seems to have captured the hearts and minds of members, there are plenty of similar venues which offer ...

Shelsley Walsh – August 2013

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  The idea of the premium small car is not new. You only have to look at the surprisingly popular Vanden Plas version of the popular Austin/Morris ...

2013 Audi A1 1.4 TFSi 122 S-Line (GB)

Audi / Road Tests


                  Although it could be the case that I am not looking in the right places, and my personal enthusiasms colour the events I look ...

MITCAR 2013 – Midlands Italian Car Event – August 2013

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        During the 1960s and 1970s, the typical European family car underwent a transformation from conventional three-box saloon type ...

2013 Kia Cee’d 2 1.6 CRDi SportWagon (GB)

Kia / Road Tests


    Although you might think that the events calendar for the automotive enthusiast is now so packed that any new event would run the risk of having few cars ...

Bristol Summer Classics – August 2013

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They say that it is a sign of ageing when you moan about how quickly time passes. I absolutely refute any suggestion that I am any older now than I was years ago ...

Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – August 2013

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In June, my diary was such that I made three visits to the legendary Ace Cafe within four days, but then I have not visited since. Like many people, I missed the ...

Ace Cafe Italian Night – August 2013

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      Utter the model name "Kia Rio" to any car enthusiast,, and I predict you would get one of two reactions: either their eyes would glaze over, as ...

2013 Kia Rio 2 1.25 5 Door (GB)

Kia / Road Tests


Having gone for just the one day in previous years, it was about time that I went for a weekend.  And this was a great year in which to do it, wWith Aston ...

Silverstone Classic – July 2013. Dan’s report

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             Five years ago, Lord Pembroke, owner of the fabulous Wilton House in the small town of the same name, and an avowed petrolhead, decided ...

Wilton House Supercars – August 2013

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With a motoring calendar that seemed largely clear for a weekend, thanks to the enormous pull of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, it looked as if I might get some ...

Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – July 2013

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Much has been written about the sad changes in Peugeot's range of cars, from a time when they produced some of the best looking and best to drive ...

2013 Peugeot 208 1.2 VTi Active 5 door (GB)

Peugeot / Road Tests


Last year's Goodwood Moving MotorShow was quite an experience.  The sights, the smells, the noises....all were something quite incredible and certainly not ...

Moving Motorshow at Goodwood – July 2013. Dan’s report

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                         After a relaunch a few years ago, with new organisers in charge, the Silverstone Classic has further ...

Silverstone Classic – July 2013. Colin’s report

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