January, 2014

One of the most comprehensive collections of cars in the UK can be found in the British Museum of Road Transport, also known as the Coventry Motor Museum. ...

British Museum of Road Transport revisited – Coventry (GB)



Nissan is one of those manufacturers whose product range has diversified over time such that the range of cars that they sell ...

2013 Nissan Rogue 2.5S AWD (USA)

Nissan / Road Tests


I'd not been to the AutoSport show before, so was really looking forward to a great start to the motoring year.It was incredible to see so many different cars ...

AutoSport International 2014 – Dan’s report

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With a history that goes back several decades, to what used to be called the Racing Car Show, the event now billed as Europe's largest Motorsport Show, the ...

AutoSport and Performance Car Show – Jan 2014

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These days there's lots of publicity about an event before it takes places, in adverts and on the "official" organiser website, and magazine and on-line reviews ...

Historic Rally Car Day, Gaydon – Jan 2014

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Although it was not by any means the first of its genre, automotive historians will probably agree that it was Ford's ...

2013 Nissan Xterra 4.0 AWD S (USA)

Nissan / Road Tests


When Buick decided to retire the long running Century nameplate and replace it with a new moniker, eye brows were ...

2013 Buick LaCrosse 3.6 V6 Leather Premium1 (USA)

Buick / Road Tests


Evidence of the difference in tastes between the US and European markets presents itself all the time, and ...

2012 Mazda 3 Sedan 2.0 iSport (USA)

Mazda / Road Tests


Having spent an enjoyable couple of hours at the Scottsdale International Auto Museum, I decided to fill the remaining couple of hours in my day before heading ...

Showrooms of Scottsdale, AZ – October 2013

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After showing a concept car at the 2008 Paris Motor show and then starting production in October of 2009, the X1 is the latest in a now 4 strong line of ...

2013 BMW X1 S-Drive16d x-Line (P)

BMW / Road Tests


For me, the Haynes Motor Museum has two particularly compelling advantages: not only does it house a fabulous collection of cars, in fact containing more than ...

Haynes Motor Museum, Sparkford (GB)



    Tuesday evening: the nadir of rental car availability at most US airport locations. It certainly ...

2013 Subaru Forester 2.5X Premium (USA)

Road Tests / Subaru