March, 2014

When a new model is launched, as a direct replacement for an existing car, the expectation is that it is "better". And in almost all cases, it ...

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan (USA)

Honda / Road Tests


Probe insistently enough, and I would be pretty confident that you would get any car enthusiast to admit to at least one automotive ...

2013 Kia Soul 2.0i + (USA)

Kia / Road Tests


 Switzerland has no car manufacturing capability of its own, and there are no Swiss owner brands these days, following the demise of Monteverdi, many years ago, ...

Geneva Motor Show – March 2014. Colin’s report

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Last year was a fabulous show: the LaFerrari, the McLaren P1 and the Lamborghini Veneno were all grabbing the headlines and camera lenses.  This year was ...

Geneva Motor Show – March 2014. Dan’s report

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It was a beautiful day and I still hadn't been to a Queen's Square breakfast club meet since they started up a few years ago. So knowing that an early start on ...

Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – March 2014. Dan’s Report

Breakfast Meetings / Events / Shows


The monthly impromptu gatherings of classic and interesting cars in Bristol's Queens Square have become very popular, and it is not uncommon for all the spaces ...

Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – March 2014. Colin’s Report

Breakfast Meetings / Events / Shows


There have been convertible versions of Mercedes saloons for almost as long as there have been Mercedes saloons. And ...

2013 Mercedes E350 Convertible with Premium 1 (USA)

Mercedes / Road Tests


Some years ago, one of my friends sold his much loved MGF and went back onto our company car scheme by taking delivery of a ...

2013 Mercedes SLK250 with Premium (USA)

Mercedes / Road Tests


A few years ago the long established Bristol Classic Car Show had to be postponed from its habitual mid February timing at the very last minute thanks to a ...

Great Western Autojumble – Feb 2014

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In January, motor sports enthusiasts in the UK head to the NEC for the AutoSport and Performance Car Show, where they can catch up on many of the latest products ...

Race Retro – Feb 2014. Colin’s Report

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