April, 2014

The Pride of Longbridge is one of those events which has grown from small beginnings, back in 2006, to something which now includes several hundred cars, many of ...

Pride of Longbridge – April 2014

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At a global level, debate still rages as to whether it is the Toyota Corolla or the Ford Focus that is currently the world's best selling ...

2012 Ford Focus Zetec 2.0 TDCi 140 Auto and 2013 Zetec 1.6 TDCI 115 5dr (GB)

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Having learned my lesson that "early" really does mean just that when describing the timing for the "Cars and Coffee" meeting that takes place every Saturday ...

Cars and Coffee – Irvine, CA. 5th April 2014

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There are lots of events during the year to which I look forward, but among my favourites is one that is very local to home, the Bristol Italian Auto Moto ...

Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival – April 2014

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Over the past thirty years, the size of the overall market for new cars in Europe has grown very significantly, and yet as changing tastes of the consumers ...

2013 VW Passat Estate 1.6 TDi 105 S (GB)

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With the arrival of British Summer Time, and indeed some nice spring weather, suddenly there is daylight in the evenings til well past 8pm, which means that the ...

Ace Cafe Italian Night – April 2014

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After attending this event for the first time only last month, when the opportunity of going this month popped up, the early start wasn't going to stop me.  ...

Queen Square Breakfast Club – April 2014

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It is all too easy for the auto enthusiast to forget that the primary goal of any car manufacturer is not ...

2013 Nissan Sentra 1.8 SV (USA)

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It's not just the UK where the breakfast meeting for owners and enthusiasts of a diverse array of cars has become popular. The format certainly has its fans in ...

Cars & Coffee – Irvine, CA. 22nd March 2014

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