August, 2014

The Silverstone Classic has taken place for 24 years, and during that time, the event has grown and grown, with the result that it is easily the largest historic ...

Silverstone Classic – July 2014. Colin’s Report

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Of all the themed events for Italian cars that take place around the country during the year, one of the most enjoyable, and best supported, is the one called ...

Midlands Italian Car (MITCAR) – August 2014

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Those of you who read and follow all my reviews will probably be bemused at the seemingly random collection of ...

2013 Mercedes GL450 with Premium 1 (USA)

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There are so many different car models on offer these days, and as ...

2014 Ford Mustang 3.7 V6 Coupe (USA)

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Maranello is Home to Ferrari and has been ever since Enzo started to produce his own cars nearly 70 years ago. Drive around in the area and it is quite likely ...

Galleria Ferrari, revisited – Maranello (I)



Modena has been the home of Maserati ever since the founding of the marque by the 5 brothers, exactly 100 years ago, but unlike the other world renowned rivals ...

Maserati in Modena (I)



Enzo Ferrari was born in February 1898 in the centre of Modena, a lovely historic Italian town in the Emilia Romagna region, 20 km west of Bologna. Although ...

Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari – Modena (I)



I made my first visit to Sant'Agata da Bolognese when on vacation in the area in the summer of 2010. After spending a morning in the crowds at the nearby ...

Museo Lamborghini revisited – Sant’Agata da Bolognese (I)



You could be forgiven for not  having heard of San Marino. It does, after all, only measure a few square kilometres, and it is surrounded on all sides by Italy. ...

Collezione Maranello Rosso – Falciano, San Marino (RSM)



Although the UK seems to have been blessed with lots of sunny weather for the past few months, there has been rain, and some of quite heavy. It seems that it has ...

Ace Cafe Italian Night – August 2014

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Second Tuesday of the month is Classics night at the iconic Ace Cafe, and that means that you can be pretty sure of an eclectic mix of cars, with more than a few ...

Ace Cafe Classic Night – August 2014

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Rain. The scourge of outdoor events, especially car ones, where people are going to be stood outside, usually in a large grass field type place. Looking at ...

Wilton House Classic and Supercars – August 2014. Dan’s report

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From rather tentative beginnings 7 years ago, the Wilton House Supercar Day has become a major and unmissable event on the calendar of anyone who likes to see a ...

Wilton House Classic and Supercar Day – August 2014. Colin’s Report

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Over the years I have been to a great number of different car events in the UK (and beyond), but there are still plenty of the better known ones that remain an ...

Classics on the Common, Harpenden – July 2014

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Located just off the busy A303, highway to the South West, the old Roman town of Sherborne is probably best known for its famous Public School and its Castle. ...

Classics at the Castle, Sherborne – July 2014

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