January, 2015
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During the course of a year, there are an awful lot of events for the car enthusiast, such that there are many weekends where even the toss of a coin is ...

London Classic Car Show at ExCel – January 2015

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Does the Toyota Camry need any introduction? Surely not to any American, as ...

2013 Toyota Camry 2.5LE (USA)

Road Tests / Toyota


It's amazing just what you can find these days, thanks to the power of Google. But even by using various search arguments to discover car museums in places that ...

CAAPY – Collection de l’Aventure Automobile à Poissy (F)



A couple of years ago, Ford announced a global strategy called One Ford, which means that ...

2013 Ford Focus 2.0SE Sedan (USA)

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Although the number of car-related events reduces dramatically in the winter months, a complete absence of them is clearly too much for many enthusiasts to bear, ...

Brooklands New Year’s Day Meeting – January 2015

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Ever since the mid 1970s, Chevrolet have looked to augment their US range with a small car, which they have ...

2014 Chevrolet Sonic 4 door 1.8LT (USA)

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