March, 2016
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By the time that Porsche launched the Panamera, the purists had had plenty of time to get used to the fact that Porsche ...

2015 Porsche Panamera S e-Hybrid (USA)

Porsche / Road Tests

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If you are a lover of fine automobiles, and given that you are reading this, then it is a reasonable assumption that you are, and especially if you live in the ...

Ferrari and Maserati at Dick Lovett Swindon – January and March 2016

Events / Shows

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Five years ago, the Breakfast Club was a regular for car enthusiasts to gather and show off and admire each others' automotive treasures that was associated - in ...

Haynes Museum Breakfast Club – March 2016

Breakfast Meetings / Events / Shows

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There can be few car enthusiasts who fail to enjoy a good Car Show. And make no mistake, the one held in Geneva in early March, as it has been for 86 years now, ...

Geneva Show – March 2016

Events / Shows

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Social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr are awash with content posted by enthusiastic car spotters who have a ready outlet for sharing ...

Cars of London – February 2016

Events / Shows

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Fans of the Cadillac Escalade, and there are many beyond the usual stereotypes, should be grateful for the existence of ...

2013 Lincoln Navigator 5.4 AWD (USA)

Lincoln / Road Tests

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In Britain, the car enthusiast is spoiled for choice. There's a vast number o events which take place, more or less all year around, at venues pretty much all ...

Abarth Day at Coventry Transport Museum – February 2016

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