Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival – April 2013

A quick look at the automotive events schedule in the UK evidences that the car enthusiast really is spoiled for choice. During the main season from April to October there is so much going on that it is impossible to attend everything that appeals, so some planning and prioritisation is called for. For me, some events will always get the highest priority, for a variety of different reasons, not all of which will be intuitively obvious to anyone except perhaps those who can interpret my motoring tastes. However, it should surprise no-one that an event taking place on my own doorstep, in the commercial heart of the city of Bristol, that focuses on Italian cars is right up there with some of the big national events. I’ve attended it every year since 2008, and when in 2011 after a gap of a few years, I had an Italian car of my own again, I was able to enter it and join in the event even more. In 2012 I decided to do some “give back” and responded to the appeal for event marshalls, and so enjoyed the experience, that I quickly signed up again for the 2013 event. In 2012, a combination of biting winds and intermittent drizzle seemed to be sufficient for quite a number of those who had booked a place to decide to stay away, but in 2013 the day dawned with clear skies, and we were blessed with spring sunshine all day. Accordingly, just about everyone who had signed up did turn up, and all the streets on which cars could be parked were full up by 10am. Having seen only those cars which had entered on the street where I was working, I could now go and see what else had turned up, and try to get some photographs before the crowds built up. And be in no doubt, the people did come, in huge numbers. For most of the day, Corn Street was absolutely packed, making it hard to get and up down the road, and all day I heard many people calling their friends telling them to get down to have a look. When you look at the cars in this report, you can perhaps see why. Truly this was a splendid display of all manner of lovely Italian machinery.


With a 2013 theme of “Scorpions and Spiders”, it was always likely that there would be plenty of Abarths on show, and so it proved, with an array of the modern 500 and Punto based models brought along by a number of my Abarthisti friends following only moderate encouragement for them to sign up and participate. No Punto Evos, but a couple of Grande Puntos (including Lloyd Hartley’s much travelled car, as he made the trek down from Doncaster), and an array of 500, 500C models, as well as an example of both the 595 Competizione and a 595 Turismo.

 photo P1150181_zpsba70526e.jpg  photo P1150180_zpsfb86c9b0.jpg  photo P1150175_zps8faec1a6.jpg  photo P1150211_zpsc863ca0a.jpg  photo P1150338_zpsb929522e.jpg  photo P1150218_zps56682fa5.jpg  photo P1150174_zps1854c25d.jpg  photo P1150193_zps388cdf24.jpg  photo P1150419_zpsd0ed18a5.jpg  photo P1150343_zps64298c82.jpg photo P1150418_zps714bdb45.jpg  photo P1150257_zps7d3bd08c.jpg photo P1150342_zps6bfbf37c.jpg  photo P1150350_zps64b1e51e.jpg  photo P1150340_zps2b28b3bd.jpg  photo P1150339_zps57af1ad0.jpg  photo P1150409_zps37520cc5.jpg  photo P1150408_zps5284edb0.jpg

Wessex Garages had brought along a series of new cars, including not just a 595 Turismo, but also the very lovely 695 Tributo Maserati. Chatting with Paul Morris, their Abarth Brand Manager, he said that this latter only arrived on site on Thursday,, just in time for us all to have a look. It is very nicely trimmed inside, and the rich burgundy paintwork looks stunning, but sadly, the price tag is near to that attached to the Tributo Ferrari models, so it is out of budget for me.

 photo P1150208_zps9aa6cfb1.jpg  photo P1150205_zps1478cd55.jpg photo P1150411_zpse4327a29.jpg  photo P1150410_zpsad2dcaea.jpg  photo P1150207_zps6ceb0fd9.jpg  photo P1150197_zps982c48e2.jpg

There were three other Abarth badged cars, too: a Strada 130TC, an original 595 and my absolutely favourite of a lovely trio, the 850 Coupe-based 1000TC.

 photo P1150198_zps31f6f8f4.jpg  photo P1150191_zps96ee5389.jpg  photo P1150190_zps20d5db88.jpg  photo P1150209_zpsb1d52af0.jpg  photo P1150395_zpsfebb480f.jpg  photo P1150319_zpsdaeb75e2.jpg  photo P1150217_zps708185d3.jpg  photo P1150216_zps350e950a.jpg  photo P1150407_zpscfe7a836.jpg photo P1150406_zpsd375e43f.jpg  photo P1150405_zps6e5f28c2.jpg  photo P1150404_zps237ebaae.jpg


No sign of Mike Hurst’s lovely 6C 1750 this year, but there were plenty of more recent Alfa instead. Oldest Alfa at the event was Robbie Savage’s 1900 SS, a car which I have seen many times and always admire.

 photo P1150413_zpsf8be914e.jpg  photo P1150242_zpsf24fa5f9.jpg  photo P1150241_zps1abcd02b.jpg

In keeping with the Spiders half of theme, there were lots of Alfa Spiders, ranging from the 750 Series Giulietta and later Giulia models, through the four generations of the long running 105 series Spider, to the more recent 916 series model and the Brera based car.

 photo P1150229_zpsb652753c.jpg  photo P1150305_zpseedee45d.jpg  photo P1150225_zpsd8819c21.jpg  photo P1150226_zps837269c2.jpg  photo P1150231_zpsaf8b2455.jpg  photo P1150233_zpsf08ddd64.jpg  photo P1150316_zps4cf354b4.jpg  photo P1150306_zps3676b196.jpg  photo P1150318_zpsa1c8e00e.jpg  photo P1150315_zpse556ab42.jpg  photo P1150307_zps83256ed4.jpg  photo P1150308_zps30b5afbf.jpg

There were few of the 105 series GT and GTV cars, but there was a lovely early “stepfront” model.

 photo P1150256_zpsdc28d7e8.jpg  photo P1150255_zpsbef33dbd.jpg  photo P1150271_zpsa3580149.jpg  photo P1150375_zps5a599fc5.jpg

Lovely as these all were, perhaps my favourite Alfa of the day was this, a 1983 Alfasud 1.3SC, a rare survivor of this fabulous small car. This one has been subject to a comprehensive restoration (like almost all survivors), and was up for sale at £4000. perhaps it was just as well that the colour was perhaps not its strongest suit, or I could have been tempted (though a Ti would be preferable, of course!).

 photo P1150367_zps07d33ac1.jpg  photo P1150366_zps0a53cdaf.jpg  photo P1150365_zpsc892b1bb.jpg  photo P1150364_zps2e7c6ad9.jpg  photo P1150254_zps06e86e14.jpg  photo P1150253_zps0f563fb0.jpg  photo P1150279_zps96605a8c.jpg  photo P1150379_zpsf823b2d7.jpg

Far rarer when new was the 90, a heavily facelifted version of the Alfetta. Few of them were sold in the UK, so they have never been common.

 photo P1150380_zps8579aeed.jpg  photo P1150248_zpse7b592de.jpg  photo P1150247_zpsc2b7e815.jpg

Sadly also rare now is the 164, a car about which I have enthused many times, so it was good to see one at this event.

 photo P1150273_zps9c85031c.jpg

There were a couple of Alfetta GTV models, one of which was a rare example of the South African 3 litre AutoDelta cars.

 photo P1150361_zps40f40e5c.jpg  photo P1150246_zps24ec9349.jpg  photo P1150266_zpsfe9eb97d.jpg  photo P1150265_zpsd559a91f.jpg

This time there was just one of the boldly styled SZ cars. Not particularly well regarded when new, these cars now attract plenty of interest.

 photo P1150272_zpscdcfd85a.jpg

There were plenty of recent Alfa, too, ranging from a number of 145s, 156s and 147s, GTVs and GTs  to the latest MiTo and Giulietta.

 photo P1150268_zpsbb4367cb.jpg photo P1150263_zpsa0d4e605.jpg  photo P1150251_zpsd81a5419.jpg  photo P1150264_zpsfacd2fb5.jpg  photo P1150252_zpsbbf4a62b.jpg photo P1150377_zpsceb2a05a.jpg photo P1150250_zpsffc2e61e.jpg  photo P1150249_zpsc4a50695.jpg  photo P1150277_zps9953302c.jpg  photo P1150378_zpsab3e004b.jpg  photo P1150270_zpsd39fa10e.jpg  photo P1150374_zps84a81035.jpg  photo P1150362_zpsf261a96d.jpg  photo P1150363_zps318f4f47.jpg  photo P1150261_zps154f7339.jpg  photo P1150262_zps461a7f42.jpg  photo P1150267_zps5fa672a2.jpg

David Roots’ eye-catching Alfa Special was on show, and finally, I managed to spot it with David on board (the advantage of being a marshall controlling comings and goings!), so was able at long last to introduce myself to him.

 photo P1150412_zps50057ebc.jpg


A varied collection of Ferraris models this year, of which my favourite was probably the oldest model on show, the lovely Daytona.

 photo P1150387_zpsec6f8b38.jpg  photo P1150386_zpse8b9697b.jpg  photo P1150388_zps255364bc.jpg

Other V12 models included a Testarossa, the iconic BB512i and the now slightly less unloved 400i (I like it, but the market does not, really).

 photo P1150282_zps1730d184.jpg  photo P1150353_zps2bb4fbbc.jpg  photo P1150389_zps52911230.jpg  photo P1150294_zps20ac4ad2.jpg  photo P1150383_zpsf038191e.jpg

V8 cars included examples of many of the different model types offered over the past 30 years, ranging from a 308 GTS and a Mondial, through an F355 to several 360s and 430s and a current 458 Italia.

 photo P1150357_zps26b69967.jpg  photo P1150284_zps272a67b5.jpg  photo P1150384_zpsd8c980fc.jpg  photo P1150293_zps65afee21.jpg  photo P1150385_zps5a0aa0e6.jpg  photo P1150300_zpse869dc3c.jpg  photo P1150298_zpsd0d63a21.jpg  photo P1150299_zps6d129262.jpg  photo P1150295_zps1ad760c2.jpg  photo P1150297_zps9bb02e82.jpg  photo P1150235_zps37f5f92d.jpg  photo P1150296_zps547e8c31.jpg  photo P1150283_zps623f8afd.jpg  photo P1150358_zps91599ae4.jpg

This 246GT Dino was also really rather lovely.

 photo P1150286_zps0ec8c268.jpg  photo P1150356_zpsc95128e7.jpg


Oldest car of the day was this, the majestic Fiat 520. It is believed that this is the only such example in the UK, and one just a few survivors globally.

 photo P1150206_zps748bc3f5.jpg  photo P1150210_zps21dd0122.jpg  photo P1150334_zpsf3f112ee.jpg

Smallest duo of the day would be these, a lovely 500c Topolino, brought down from Reading, and this fun Gamine model.

 photo P1150172_zpsa3ed1515.jpg  photo P1150171_zpsba7029a4.jpg  photo P1150173_zpsed9f3bde.jpg  photo P1150396_zps085f416f.jpg  photo P1150320_zps04bfe3d4.jpg

There were five of the Nuova 500 on display, one of which seems to have eluded the camera.

 photo P1150314_zps186ea0ce.jpg  photo P1150312_zps6a52e045.jpg  photo P1150311_zpsb1781096.jpg  photo P1150288_zps2a9863df.jpg  photo P1150287_zps8b5fab80.jpg

Fiats that qualified for a place on Corn Street in the Spiders display included a number of the pretty 124 based models and a trio of X1/9s.along with the more recent Barchetta

 photo P1150394_zpsbbab06b6.jpg  photo P1150393_zps6f710627.jpg  photo P1150227_zps9bf6763f.jpg  photo P1150309_zps6d277b12.jpg photo P1150234_zpse3509bd9.jpg  photo P1150230_zpsc50fc74a.jpg  photo P1150317_zps15343052.jpg  photo P1150274_zps4f579af0.jpg  photo P1150310_zpse365671d.jpg  photo P1150232_zps215597c3.jpg   photo P1150313_zps28b458c5.jpg

The one that absolutely should have been there, but was a late arrival, by which time the space was full, was this Dino Spider. One of my favourite cars from a very long list of favourites.

 photo P1150376_zps00fe31e0.jpg  photo P1150276_zpsb1647475.jpg

A couple of rare models from the 1980s were much admired: a Uno Selecta and a Strada 105TC and they were joined by this third series 131 Mirafiori which is starting to look like it really needs some TLC to preserve it.

 photo P1150259_zpse3727ed2.jpg  photo P1150258_zpsb77cd19d.jpg  photo P1150372_zps83f7dd9b.jpg  photo P1150371_zpsc2a1cccc.jpg  photo P1150275_zps5cc948a2.jpg  photo P1150370_zpscc263c4c.jpg  photo P1150369_zpsc76f57a3.jpg  photo P1150368_zpsfbad341e.jpg

More recent Fiats included a number of the striking Coupe, a car which has definitely become a modern-day classic already.

 photo P1150244_zps94560d52.jpg  photo P1150243_zpsbdb537d4.jpg  photo P1150278_zpsf2beecdb.jpg  photo P1150260_zps373fefde.jpg

Other Fiat included a couple of the 1990s Cinquecento and a Seicento, as well as an example of the current 500 and a Stilo 3 door.

 photo P1150201_zps99850950.jpg  photo P1150199_zps89a5942b.jpg  photo P1150280_zpsaaa85d53.jpg  photo P1150245_zpsa7a830bc.jpg


Four Lamborghini in this, the marque’s 50th anniversary year, and following a nice progression from Countach through Diablo to the Murcielago and the latest Aventador.  These cars attracted huge crowds for most of the day, which is probably why there is no picture here of the black Diablo SV, but I did get the others in rare quiet moments.

 photo P1150240_zps0a7df9c3.jpg  photo P1150239_zps6d02f839.jpg  photo P1150303_zps65149408.jpg  photo P1150302_zpsb02d4d42.jpg  photo P1150304_zps302929a7.jpg  photo P1150236_zps7f2fbb26.jpg  photo P1150238_zpse3ad8121.jpg  photo P1150237_zps7a2512ea.jpg  photo P1150301_zpsfe3f3a97.jpg


Oldest Lancia was this Augusta, dating from 1936.

 photo P1150214_zps8a8ff686.jpg  photo P1150213_zps442d536a.jpg  photo P1150335_zps5261e8fa.jpg

This duo of Appia were both splendid. The Coupe, believed to be one of only a couple such models in the UK actually started its time in South Africa, but is now a regular at events in the Bristol area. The Convertible is one I had not seen before, but it was splendid, and the judging committee must have agreed, as it was a prize winner.

 photo P1150204_zps17a1d791.jpg  photo P1150203_zpsb42d16d4.jpg  photo P1150202_zps75de7466.jpg  photo P1150399_zps6293adce.jpg  photo P1150329_zpsad0dff3a.jpg  photo P1150224_zpsc8273a7c.jpg

Just one example of the Flaminia, a lovely Coupe model.

 photo P1150324_zps3abcc2a1.jpg  photo P1150323_zps196f7e2c.jpg

From the Fulvia range, there were a mix of the very pretty Coupe models and a number of the more extrovert Zagato models.

 photo P1150215_zps024dffd4.jpg   photo P1150212_zps5e0422d5.jpg  photo P1150321_zpsb53c88dd.jpg  photo P1150336_zpsefb10d8b.jpg  photo P1150195_zpsd0479baf.jpg  photo P1150402_zps373bbdff.jpg  photo P1150400_zpsd276199f.jpg  photo P1150221_zps1a2e716c.jpg  photo P1150397_zps43e483b9.jpg  photo P1150327_zpsf680add3.jpg  photo P1150415_zps38ef6241.jpg  photo P1150401_zpsaad6ef21.jpg  photo P1150185_zpscfb7bf12.jpg  photo P1150184_zpse73d18a7.jpg  photo P1150325_zpsa5512cb1.jpg  photo P1150337_zps44300fc3.jpg

Biggest surprised of the day for me was early on, when this fabulous Series 2 Beta Berlina turned up. I was sure I’d not seen this car before, and a chat with the owner confirmed that I had not. He has just put it back on the road, having bought it last year following a 20 year lay up. All he had had to do was clean it and put a new exhaust system on, and despite the 35,000 miles on the clock, the interior and boot look like no-one has ever used them. Truly incredible!

 photo P1150189_zps204ed7cc.jpg  photo P1150183_zps18c8db4c.jpg  photo P1150182_zps50263578.jpg  photo P1150417_zpsede7e050.jpg  photo P1150416_zps42ee5e3a.jpg  photo P1150349_zps6516bfa0.jpg  photo P1150348_zps1feb3509.jpg  photo P1150347_zps22612259.jpg  photo P1150346_zpsd15a8ebf.jpg  photo P1150188_zpscb72b55e.jpg

There was a Series 3 Beta Berlina as well, believed to be the only one of these currently on the road, and one of just 50 that ever made it here in the first place.

 photo P1150403_zps9492f4b2.jpg  photo P1150322_zps3a15a6f7.jpg

No Coupe or HPE models in the event this year, but there was a nice Beta Spider included in the “Spiders” display, and a couple of Montecarlos were in the main Lancia  line-up.

 photo P1150392_zps750ebf8a.jpg  photo P1150391_zps5483ba75.jpg  photo P1150390_zpsb27cc0e2.jpg  photo P1150187_zps91be818b.jpg  photo P1150186_zps61623c9b.jpg

Among the Delta models, it was good to see that as well as Integrales, there were some lesser models, too, with a 1300LX and a 1600GTie on show.

 photo P1150179_zpsb5552dcb.jpg  photo P1150200_zps79985a35.jpg  photo P1150194_zpsbb7e6c85.jpg  photo P1150177_zpsc5fb44c0.jpg  photo P1150332_zps2a9e5c5d.jpg  photo P1150326_zps4029f857.jpg  photo P1150269_zps078ee8e3.jpg  photo P1150373_zpsd829432d.jpg  photo P1150331_zps457af1ce.jpg  photo P1150330_zpsb42ca4a5.jpg  photo P1150178_zps8cc9af5b.jpg  photo P1150414_zps4e8f5c9f.jpg  photo P1150344_zpsc9a70f82.jpg

There were a couple of the second generation Delta HPE cars, too.

 photo P1150176_zpsed29983d.jpg  photo P1150222_zps8d3eb85b.jpg  photo P1150398_zps5d29bed4.jpg

I liked both the Prisma and the Dedra 2000 Turbo.

 photo P1150328_zpsb3a078b9.jpg  photo P1150220_zps59844399.jpg  photo P1150219_zps39749849.jpg

There were a couple of Thema cars on show, one of which was the Ferrari-engined 8.32, which I can tell you sounds particularly good when you are up close positioning a ramp under its rear wheels!

 photo P1150223_zps9401f744.jpg  photo P1150341_zpse1888bde.jpg  photo P1150345_zpsbc88a6e2.jpg

There was a sole Stratos style car.

 photo P1150333_zpsea10a94c.jpg  photo P1150192_zpsce1a0b4b.jpg  photo P1150196_zps6020e69c.jpg


All bar one of the Maserati were from the post Biturbo era, with 3200/4200GTs, GranTurismo and Quattroporte models all on show.

 photo P1150355_zpsf5655fb9.jpg  photo P1150354_zps0f52fcdc.jpg  photo P1150291_zps196ee27e.jpg  photo P1150285_zpsd4cc3867.jpg  photo P1150281_zpsee87b4ad.jpg  photo P1150289_zps80789109.jpg  photo P1150351_zpsd06ed161.jpg  photo P1150352_zps19f7743b.jpg  photo P1150292_zpsb8a86e35.jpg  photo P1150359_zpscc2af7cc.jpg  photo P1150290_zpsa4027966.jpg

There was a Biturbo Spider on Corn Street, but despite stopping and admiring it a couple of times, I don’t seem to have pressed the shutter on the camera. I did take a picture of the oldest Maserati at the event, though, a Merak.

 photo P1150360_zps68d91a3d.jpg


As ever, there were plenty of bikes on show, and an impressive collection of scooters, complete with their enthusiastic owners in period Mod garb.

 photo P1150382_zps4b4bb73a.jpg  photo P1150381_zpsb1f736dd.jpg

This really was an excellent day. I’ve been to the event every year since 2008, and always enjoyed it, but the sunny skies, and the cameraderie both of the Abarthisti and my fellow marshals made this one the best yet.

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    A quick look at the automotive events schedule in the UK evidences that the car enthusiast really is spoiled for choice. During the main season from A
    [See the full post at: Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival – April 2013]



    Another year missed :(  Looked great though.  I used to get taken to swimming in one of those Lancia Beta Berlinas.  It was beige.

    Great report, gutted I missed it, thanks for posting.

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